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Kimberly "Kenya" Kimbrough

The Solutions Speaker



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The Solutions Speaker

If you want the same old results for your organization, then bring in the same old speakers. If you want "knock-your-socks-off" results with a proven guarantee, then bring in Kim "Kenya" Kimbrough.

Kenya addresses problems and can back it up.  But what separates her is that she can also provide solutions and can back it up!

Kenya is the speaker over many companies and thousands of individuals have turned to when they wanted bold solutions to boost morale and the bottom line. A renowned internet marketing strategist and speaker who has been featured in the Columbia Daily Tribune, Black Meetings and Tourism, Facilities Magazine, the Missourian,  and more than  10 other publications, Kenya combines practical advice and enthusiasm to produce results in your team.

"Kenya's session was right on target for a problem we were experiencing in our organization. I took back strategies I could implement immediately, and I saw results quickly...I felt re-energized about a situation I'd considered pretty hopeless. Besides that, she was fun! - Evelyn Cameron, Executive Director Represent Online


Speaking Fees and Terms
She is also able to provide seminars via video conference.

Terms for the US, Canadian, and European venues are:

  • Speaking Fees. $495 to $995 per day (depending upon the type and location of the speaking opportunity) for keynotes, seminars, and workshops up to four hours. These fees do NOT cover copyright releases for audiotape or videotape. They do include the master for PowerPoint presentation handouts for participants.
  • Travel Days. Half price for each additional per day if he is required to travel on other days than days during which he is speaking.
  • Reimbursements. Expenses for travel, accommodations, and other expenses, such as for video conferencing, are reimbursed by hosts. Ms. Kimbrough flies from the Kansas City International Airport.
  • Payment. 50% of fees paid when engagement is booked, 50% upon completion. Reimbursements will be paid within 10 days of receipt of invoice.
  • Cancellation. 75% of initial fee will be refunded if engagement is cancelled by the host up to 15 days prior to the speaking date. Any non-refundable travel expenses incurred must be paid in full, even if engagement is cancelled.

Fees for speaking in other world regions may be somewhat less.

Featured Programs

Are You Looking for an Internet Speaker
to Address Your Group on How To...

    Increase revenue,
  Reduce expenses,
  Acquire leads,
  Conduct e-commerce,
  Recruit employees,
  Provide better customer service,
  Improve their Internet strategy,
  Ethically use e-mail as a marketing tool,
  Increase brand awareness,
  Use the web as a research tool,
  Achieve better Search Engine rankings,
  The 10 "Fatal Flaws" of on-line marketers

"Very humorous and down to earth!  She has much to offer your group!" -- Grace Ramphal-High Tech Institute

Great leaders aren't "in charge" of their people. They "recharge" them to be their best.
Listen to Kenya's testimony about falling, dusting yourself off, and charging right ahead!  Your audience will be inspired and will never look back!
Email Marketing Success
Learn simple strategies to make email marketing a profitable center for your organization!
Keywords and Metatags?
Search engines are getting more savvy.  And now it costs thousands of dollars to get listed on the first page of search engine results.  But there are some simple no-cost solutions to get listed and gain more visitors.
The Digital Divide
What is it?  What's the solution to conquer it and bridge the divide?  Kenya has the answer.
Spiritual Belief
Understanding the importance of thinking outside of the box.  Learning quickly that if you do the POSSIBLE, a Higher Power will do the IMPOSSIBLE!  The solution is to know that you cannot limit your own POSSIBILITIES!
Diversity/Niche Marketing
Just when you thought you had Internet Marketing figured out, Kenya offers insight on ways to target your traffic and gain proven results!

Featured Appearances

Kenya has been quoted in the Columbia Tribune, the Missourian, Columbia Black News,  Facilities Magazine, Black Meetings and Tourism magazine, and other national and state publications due to her leadership expertise. READ MORE!


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